Marriage Prep
Mini-Weekend Workshops

Saturday: 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM and
Sunday: 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM

2019 Schedule

May 18 - 19
June 22 - 23
September 7 - 8
November 2 - 3

2020 Schedule

January 11 - 12

Our 2020 schedule is being developed. Check back for more dates, or sign up for our mailing list to receive information about upcoming events happening in your area.

Workshop fee is $200*

For more information about attending one of these valuable workshops, contact workshop coordinator, Joseph Milner.

314 997 7305

*Participants provide their own housing. Directions to the workshop venue located on the Saint Louis University campus will be provided upon registration.

Opposites Attract

Don’t let all those little differences become a big problem — embrace them instead! 

Each of us has personality traits that help define who we are.  Learning to understand and appreciate our differences helps to improve communication and allows us to accept and respect each other’s individual perspective. This workshop will outline basic personality traits that will help you appreciate and build on the differences in your relationship.

For more information or to schedule this workshop, contact Bridget Brennan.

314 313 0613


What they're saying...



“This workshop was very informative, the presenters were easy to follow and they all shared relevant stories.” 
— Brandon R.


“We found the conflict resolution, financial discussion and communication tips most valuable.”
— Frank & Melanie M.


“We so enjoyed meeting other couples who are embarking on the Marriage Journey.”
— Lisbeth & Roger F.


"Fun yet insightful. Shined a bright light on how our differences can be a blessing.”  
—  Jill and Tom M.