Join us at Spiritual Directors International
2018 Seeking Connection Conference | April 26-29

Acclaimed authors Bridget Brennan and Jerry Shen will lead a presentation, discussion and guided reflection on understanding the importance of living an integrated life.

For more information about the conference or to register, please visit their website.



FIND OUT MORE about Falling in Love...Finding God

“If you use this book, you will find that you are growing together as a couple while, at the same time, growing closer to God.”
— William A Barry, SJ 


THE CANA INSTITUTE was founded to proclaim the Good News that God is in the midst of Married Life:

“God is Love and we who abide in Love, abide in God, and God in us.”

Our programs and workshops provide the type of care and support needed by married couples, families and single adults living in today’s complex society. The approach used is a unique blend of practical relational skills and personal spiritual values. In this way, we strive to equip adults and families with the skills they need to thrive, fulfilling our mission of guiding adults to healthy relationships.







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